Festival of Flight 2017

The Control Line authenticity competition for Old Warden Festival of Flight in 2017 will be for the famous KK Phantom Mk1.
Model to be built as per plan using materials and finishing as close as possible to the original 1947 design.

Static marks will be given for :-

  •  Accuracy in every detail to plan
  •  Engine used. Plan shows fitting of petrol engine although many were powered by Mills 1.3 Mk1 and 11
  •  Workmanship
  •  Finish
  •  Accessories ( In particular, wheels,spinner and propeller)

Flying Marks will be given for:-  ( non static propeller may be used and line length is at the discretion of the competitor)

  •  Take Off
  •  Steady flight
  •  High and Low flight
  •  Overall impression.
  •  Landing

The KK Phantom Mk1 is a very pretty aeroplane, makes for a very usable trainer and will make a great spectacle on the day.
Competitor must be builder of the model. Proxy pilots are allowed for the flying section.

Also the A 55 Team Race class will also be run – see here for rules

SAM 35: models from the dawn of time to your nostalgic era