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UK CAA DMARES legislation

Just a reminder to everyone that it is already a legal requirement in the UK to register with the CAA and display your Operator ID in the model if you fly model aircraft above 250 grms. The only exception to this rule is for control line models. You can either do this directly with the CAA or through the BMFA with the preference being via the BMFA. Either way it is the individuals responsibility to complete this and be legally compliant. Guidelines on the legislation and how to register and take the necessary Registry Competency Certificate (RCC) test can be found at the following BMFA link

SAM35 recommends that you take a look at your membership record on the BMFA membership portal  and ensure that the email address the BMFA hold against your membership record is correct. If you don’t have an email address then you should get one set up and update your BMFA record before the end of January 2020. If you are unsure of how to get your email details changed on the BMFA membership portal or have any other queries on the legislation please get in touch with the BMFA in the usual way by either calling 0116 244 0028 or emailing
The process of testing and registration is straightforward. If you find the guidance confusing and are unsure what you have to do phone your Chairman Ian Lever who will do his best to help. 01706875875

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