SAM 35 competition rules

Frozen from 14 January 2016 for rest of year* from SAM 35 and SAM 1066 Free Flight Competition Rules (still under review). Some rules revised considerably. Please read carefully the new general section and those rules which affect you specifically.

* Exceptions:

  1. Change to RC Vintage Power rules issued 25 May 2016. See the Power Struggle in the Jume 2016 edition of SAM 35 Speaks.
  2. Phantom Speed Rules issued on this page and under Rulebook  3 on 27/05/2016.
  3. Vintage Stunt score sheet corrected 27/07/2016.

General rules
SAM 35 competition rules consist of a General Rules section, and individual Specialist Rules, which should be read together with the General Rules.
General Rules [last amended 18/08/2016]

Free Flight
SAM 35 and SAM 1066 Free Flight Competition Rules
Jetex Rapier duration
Masefield Trophy
Earl Stahl
Earl Stahl Supplementary for 2018 Onwards
Rubber Bowden [Issued post pilot event 17 October 2016]
Biplane precision [Updated Jan 2018]
Frog Senior [Issued 17 October 2016]

Radio Control
Radio trimmable models guidelines
Radio trimmable spot landing
Tomboy3 and Senior Rules
Vintage power duration [Revision issued 25 May 2016]

Control Line

Vintage Stunt [2nd amendment for 2018]
Taster Stunt
Mick Taylor’s notes on how to fly the Vintage and Taster Stunt schedules
Classic Speed
Weatherman Speed [revised 2016]
Clubman Class Profile Weatherman Speed [revised 11 Aug 2016]
Weatherman Speed League regs
Voetsak Racing [revised 03 December 2016]
Fireball, Spirit of SAM and Mike Beach Trophy
The Mike Beach Trophy
Phantom Speed [Issued on the web page 27 May 2016]
Phantom Pursuit [Issued on the web page 18 August 2016]
Profile Proto Speed [Issued on the web page 18 August 2016]
Veron Beebug bash [Updated on the web page 23 October 2016]
Team Race A ’55’ [Issued on the web page 22 September 2016]
Veron Nipper Speed [Issued on the web page 03 December 2016]


Many of the control line classes flown by SAM members at Old Warden and at National meetings are under PMFC rules

Classic Stunt is under the remit of CLAPA

Vintage Team Race is under the remit of the Vintage Team Race Special Interest Group

Vintage Combat is under the remit of the Combat Fliers Association


SAM 35