F/F Small Field Trophy


SFT Update – April 2024

The 2024 SFT competition has now started with the first event held at the SAM35 Spring gala at Buckminster. This year the calendar that makes up the 10 contests that count towards the Small Field Trophy are:
14th April – 36″ High Start Glider and Vintage 20″ Run at the SAM35 Spring Gala at BMFA Buckminster.

18th May – Small FF Models(Frog Senior, KK Elf, VMC Pilot/Buddy) Run on the Saturday of the Old Warden Mayfly

19th May – Rubber Bowden Run on the Sunday of the Old Warden Mayfly

27th July – E20 Run on the Saturday of the Old Warden Scale weekend

28th July – Masefield Scale Run on the Sunday of the Old Warden Scale Weekend

19th August –  KK Ajax at  BMFA Buckminster FF Monday

14th September – Cloud Tramp at the ‘Flying Aces’, Ferry Meadows Peterborough

16th September – KK Under 30″ Rubber held at Buckminster FF Monday

13th October – Rubber Ratio Run on the Sunday of the SAM 35 Autumn Gala at BMFA Buckminster

A mid season update on the results and current scores will be provided at the end of July

SFT Update – October 2023

Although there was good sport at the Buckminster “Ace” contests, the overall scores have changed only slightly. Nine of the ten chosen contests have now taken place: it is now clear that no scores will have to be dropped in the final accounting, as no competitor has entered more that five contests so far. (“Best six to count.”). There now remains only the Rubber Ratio (beside P20 again and E20) at Buckminster on 15th October.

At present as you will see, two flyers are equal in scores and both have scored in five contests, so there is all to play for. A third competitor, if the next event goes well, could also be in the running. Others are in a position to improve their ratings dramatically. So far, the totals are:

Tony Rushby       16
Bert Whitehead   16
Ken Bates           11
Julio Isidro           3
Andy Green          3

With two points are: Dave Rumball, Luke Goymour, Colin Foster, Gary Law, Brian Lever, Peter Adams, with one point each for Chris Grant, Martin Peters,  Gordon Hannah,  Martin Pyke, Roger Silcock, Russell Baker, Brayden Mileson and Shaun Mileson.

The points are awarded for the number of fellow competitors beaten in each contest plus one for every other finisher, with the best six scores out of the total of ten to count. The qualifying event still to take place is:

Rubber Ratio at Buckminster 15th October: also P20 and E20.

Rules can be found on the SAM website. Free entry to contests.


 Regrettably I have to remind everyone that these will be the last FF contests run under my aegis: a new organiser is urgently needed for next year if the SFT Calendar, or at least the best parts of it, are to continue!