Old Warden Regs


Important Notice for Free Flight and RTM flyers at Old Warden Meetings

This page supersedes information published in the July 2016 Aeromodeller.

Starting with the July 2016 Scale Meetings onwards new rules apply to models flown in the free flight area.

SAM 35 will provide marshals to ensure that flying takes place in a safe manner and that people on the field do not put themselves or others at risk. We have tended to spread ourselves all over the field and this cannot be supported as a safe practice so gravitating to the upwind side of the field is where we should be, leaving as much clear space for downwind landings as we can. Whilst we intend to be as family friendly as always, please ensure that where you are sitting as a group, is not on the downwind flight path and in harms way. You are likely to be moved!

We are doing this to support Modelair so we can continue to use this great aerodrome and the atmosphere that is generated at these meetings. Please do not be offended if you are asked to stop flying or to move or have your model and insurance checked. The marshals are fellow SAM members giving up their time to ensure we all have a safe and fun weekend. These marshals will have full authority from the organisers so please comply with their requests.

Please leave untrimmed models at home or find a quiet corner to test fly the model.


The models themselves are for the first time subject to some regulations as follows:
The maximum engine size is 0.8cc or 100W for electric models.
The maximum weight for any model is 500g (18oz) powered or not.
The radio equipped models must be flown as per the Radio Trimmed Guidelines which will be available on the day and are on our website.
Please check your models before taking them onto the field or even better leave the overpowered or over weight models at home. SAM marshals will have spring balances.

It goes without saying that we will have to recruit marshals at every meeting so some of you will be asked to help in this regard. The more there are the less time you’ll need to do it! Most of the time a marshal can fly as well but keep an eye on what others are doing and act accordingly. The better we become at following these instructions the easier it will be for everyone.