Salisbury Plain: SAM1066


Planned SAM1066 meeting on Salisbury Plain
This information has been published at the request of SAM 1066.

Following consultation with the FFTC, we have agreed a date of 7th August for a first SAM 1066 meeting on Area 8 of Salisbury Plain. Outline details are as follows:

Proposed Comps
Power: E 36
Rubber: Combined 4oz/8oz Wakefield; Combined Vintage/Modern Coupe; Under 25”
Glider: Over 50” Vintage/Classic; Bungee 36”; Vintage / Classic CLG / HLG
Max set on the day. 3 rounds per comp except CLG/HLG – best 5 from 7 flights

Sports Models:
Power/Glider/Rubber/Jetex/Electric unlimited

Arrivals from 9.00am onwards, comps start at 10.00am, comps end at 16.30pm, dt fly offs 16.45pm with prize giving at 17.30pm. This to give encouragement to those who like a relaxed contest! Off site by 6.00pm – however, if sports flyers wish to stay beyond 6.00pm they will have to make their own arrangements with alternative SP red card holders. The use of RDT / conventional DT for sports models is not mandatory but is highly recommended wherever practical. Although the site area is large, we do not want to risk excursions out of it.

No Radio Assist

All persons who fly must have BMFA membership & there will be a charge of £6.00 per flier to cover the cost of the MoD licence fee & hire of a portaloo (mandatory requirement for organised meetings on SP). A map of Area 8 is shown – south of the Entry point script, access is from the B390 Shrewton to Chitterne road – approx 2.5 miles west of Shrewton. The off road route will be signposted and the flying area is determined on the day by wind direction.

Note: As with all MoD sites, the Authorities can invoke cancellation at short notice. If this should happen, we will try to get a bulletin published on the SAM 1066 website so be sure to check before you travel.

Aerial view of flying area